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Clay County Criminal Defense Attorney

Clay County, Florida is part of the Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan Area and attracts many short-term and long term visitors trying to escape colder weather in other states. However, whether you are a permanent or part-time resident of Clay County, it is possible you could find yourself facing a criminal violation at some point. If you receive a traffic ticket or are arrested for a more serious misdemeanor or felony offense, you will have to appear in court in Green Cove Springs. You should always have the representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands how the criminal courts work in Clay County. Your first call should be to attorney Stephen G. Cobb at the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm.

Criminal Cases Are Serious

Many people do not take criminal charges as seriously as they should, as even a speeding ticket may possibly escalate into a much more serious matter. For example, many people receive a speeding citation, set the ticket aside, and by the time the court date arrives, they have forgotten about it. Failing to appear at a court date—accidentally or intentionally—can result in a warrant being issued by the court for your immediate arrest, as well as suspension of your driving privileges. This means that the next time you are stopped by law enforcement, you could be in handcuffs and facing more serious traffic charges. Even if you do appear in court and pay your fine, you will still have a conviction on your record, which can possibly lead to suspension of your license if you have previous or receive future violations.

For misdemeanor and felony charges, it is even more imperative to have quality representation. A conviction for such an offense can affect your freedom, finances, reputation, professional opportunities, and more. Stephen G. Cobb handles a wide range of cases from petty theft to violent assault and more.

Call An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Clay County Today

If you have been arrested or cited with any type of violation, please do not delay in calling a highly skilled and experienced defense attorney. Stephen G. Cobb has been certified by the Florida Bar as a criminal trial law expert, so please call today at (850) 669-5882 for help.

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